From Zero to Two Point Zero: 2020–2022

Two Point Zero
6 min readNov 16, 2022


Two Point Zero team. Oct. 2022

At the beginning of it all, there was an empty space

A 200 sq.m office with only five of us walking back and forth.

We started to work.

We did experiment after experiment.

We went to meetings. Lots of meetings.

And finally, we got our chance for making something cool happen thanks to Tbilisi World Book Capital.

BiblioTech (2021): Or how we made Tbilisi International Book Festival a better event.

UNESCO named Tbilisi the World Book Capital of 2021 and our friends from the city gov. asked us to ideate and execute something digital and interactive for the biggest local book fair which took place in July 2021. So we did.

Thoughts and Approach: Let’s be honest, the concern that older generation has with the internet, saying it took our attention from books is simply not fair and not true. In fact, books always struggled with mass adoption.

On the other hand, we thought that the internet and a titbit of our code could make the readers’ experience far more exciting. Take this:

Why we often end up with the books we know or have heard about when searching something to read next?

Well, that’s because keying in the author’s name or the book title is what we normally do first. But how about getting some new suggestions of our flavour in an exchange for playing with words? Literally! How? Give a try!

We went back to experimenting again.

The Concept of smart traffic-boards powered by Google Maps API (2021)

Thoughts and Approach: The mockup video above, shows how we used the data from the Google Maps API to create a concept of the smart direction signs, suggesting the quickest routes LIVE in the most driver-friendly way — on the big boards.

We even built the true use case for one of a high- streets in Tbilisi and put it for open discussion on a website:

Meanwhile, as the web3 was taking the world by storm, we were desperate about being there in the middle of it, creating and ideating the new approaches to occupy a space in that bright new universe.

On Dec. 20, 2021, we, along with Giorgi Avaliani from the Holy Motors and Giorgi Tushurashvili from Echolize have entered the web3 space with deckk* — 100% on chain and yet fully experimental NFT venture, heavily inspired by the the Loot (Dom Hofmann) and The N Projects. And that’s where the history of A web3 company Two Point Zero begins.

deckk* Core team. Dec. 2021

deckk* (2021):

Deckk* is a very niche and an experimental gamification-style project that anyone could make theirs and use. It has given us unique knowledge of breaking maths and gaming even in the NFT world.

Twitter on deckk*
Discord on deckk*

The deckk* token represents an object that pretty much everybody is familiar with in one way or another: a deck of playing cards. And just as in a standard game of cards where they’re shuffled and dealt in an established quantity to each player, Deckk* also follows this principle to deal you your cards. The only difference is this process is carried out at mint with you receiving a set of randomly generated 5 cards hand in the form of an NFT (or token). Each hand is different and the sets are limited to 8 888 random combinations, meaning there will only ever be 8 888 sets of 5 cards containing 5 card representations each.

deckk* tokens

Depending on the game or activity you’re carrying out, this value can be attributed to the playing card number, suit, or colour. You decide.

And here’s where we come full circle:

Those rules, the game you play, what you decide every playing card represents and which value it, the suit or the colour has, are totally up to you.

As we said: deckk* is a world of possibilities that you can explore as you see fit.

deckk* was quickly followed by Ohh! Football. NFTs with no utilities, no promises, just a limited collection of GIFs that could only remind you why you love football.

Ohh! Football (2022):

Ohh! Football is a tribute animated NFT project that has let us apply our skills with new tools and the transmedia storytelling means. We took our passion for football and set off to tell the most legendary and memorable stories the King of Sports has to offer.

Is Putin Dead Yet? (2022):

Is Putin Dead Yet is a socially-driven blockchain experiment with a primary goal of storing history in its purest form, so that no type or amount of propaganda could ever fake or delete it. Besides having a strong social impact and utility, all revenue is forwarded to the MFA of Ukraine official crypto account, giving it a charitable goal too.

Candlesticks (2022):

Candelsticks is another social experiment we launched as a testament to the bear market the crypto world underwent in mid-2022. Our goal was to keep the social experiments going on various fronts, but this time inviting people to participate with their advice and positive thoughts on another socially-sensitive theme: the bear market.

As the concept and possibilities that the on-chain world brings are endless, meaning the freedom to create, try and experiment is total, we’ve decided to take full advantage of it!

And A role-paying, immersive web3 experience got next on our expansion list. We’re building stories, characters, whole new worlds for people to visit. We’re creating a path we can go down again and again.

The Island of Artemis (2022):

The Island of Artemis is a role-playing extravaganza with a difference. This is no mere game, but real-time 3D content. A social space where voice interaction with other players and live actors is core to the experience.

The Island ofArtemis

Artemis is a 18+ metaverse world where the cyberpunk futurism and the aesthetics of the ancient Greece break even.

Artemis on Forbes cover. Oct. 2022

Today, we are a growing team of multidisciplinary, laser-focused professionals that have one aim:

to blur the line between Web 2 and Web 3 and create a path we can go down again and again with more people, projects and ideas.

We have the mindset, the work ethic and the drive to achieve everything we decide to take on. And we love doing it. Together:

Today, we can proudly say that we’re a team digital creators making cool things happen!

2022 Highlights in Pics, Shorts and Videos:

Levan Khomeriki speaking at Ad Black Sea — International Festival of Creativity with Adam Nowakowski from Meta and Giorgi Avaliani from Holy Motors.
Levan Khomeriki speaking at DeGamify Web3 Conference with Mikheil Didebulidze, Tone Vays [#UnderstandBit], and Ilya Orlov

And finally the leaked photo from the office shooting that should have never been leaked.