In the Districts of Artemis: Deer Port

Two Point Zero
2 min readJan 2, 2023


The area is an entry point for all the new arrivals on the Island, making it a hive of business and dealing. The portal where beasts are bringing humans from across the metaverse is in the Sea of Spikes, 100 miles due west of the port.

Every clan has their emissaries in the port trying to attract the eye of the newcomers, making it a hive of business and dealing. The backstreets are also a warren of activity and a good place to pick up cheap deals.

Deer Port is dominated by Clan of Kahana, a mercantile group led by the Doge of the Port.

The clan is pretty laissez-faire in attitude and is not at all interested in policing a set of strict rules. If you want to stab someone to death in broad daylight, they won’t care. Unless of course, someone pays them to care… The Clan of Kahana cares only for money.

Anyone who had set the foot in Deer Port has heard the tale of mighty Arzaur, the first Sea Hunter. As a young man, he devoted his life to studying life on the Island and in the sea.

Today as you look around the Deer Port, all the beauty and the riches that stands on it are built through the ferocious will of Arzaur to kill the sea monsters.