In the districts of Artemis: Forum

Two Point Zero
2 min readNov 23, 2022


The Central square of the Island

The imposing Forum is the central square of the island

The Forum is where the different factions and clans of Artemis come together to meet and do business.

The Temple of Mercy

While the other zones of Artemis are dominated by clans, the Forum and the immediate area surrounding it is a safe space where negotiations and discussions can take place.

Protected by the power of the Matriarch and the Sisters, it is impossible to die here (unless that is the will of the Matriarch) meaning it is a favoured spot for people to solve differences safe in the knowledge they will not be knifed in the back.

Some try to cheat death by never leaving the forum. But in doing so these people miss out on the adventure that Artemis has to offer.

The space is usually crowded with groups of people arguing, bargaining or just chatting.

Musicians often busk here for small donations of DeerCoin and while open trade on the square is frowned upon, savvy merchants find a way to sell their wares here at the bustling heart of the island.

The Forum itself is surrounded by the 12 residences of each of the Sisters, whose gates are protected by members of the faceless Sacred Guard.

To be invited to stay with one of the Sisters is seen as one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed upon a citizen of Artemis.

Residence of Persephone

One of the many unwritten conventions on the island is that nothing that happens within the chambers of the Sisters may be talked about.

The Sisters take their privacy very seriously.