In the districts of Artemis: Ludos

Fear not to unleash the beast within you, for in the many districts of the Island, may you find what you seek to your heart’s content.

Ludos Lifestyle

It is also a gambling hotspot. Going to the races is a popular pastime. The best horses tend to be those owned by Pandora, one of the 12 Sisters of Artemis, whose equestrian skills are unrivalled on Artemis. Occasionally the other Sisters have been known to challenge her skills as a jockey, but Pandora usually comes out on top.

There are also myriad casinos, billiard halls and gaming arcades in the district.

Ludos |

Ludos is run by the Clan of Efkaria. Easy to do business with and with a lower propensity to violence than some of the other clans, the Clan of Efkaria is concerned mostly with making sure everyone is having a good time and spending money. Though they will not hesitate to defend their own interests if they are called upon to do so.



Web 3 and all that comes with it.

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