In the Districts of Artemis: Norcadia

Two Point Zero
2 min readDec 13, 2022


They say that not a speck of dust in Norcadia settles without permission!

This may be an exaggeration but the clan that runs this district, the Order of Purity, certainly runs a tight ship.

Everything in this tidy but austere district is run according to clockwork efficiency. The Norcadian Guard enforces a strict regime on everyone here. Though the Sisters and those they accompany are allowed to do as they please, everyone else does as they are told, or else.

The austere nature of the district puts many more casual and freedom-loving Artemis islanders off. But there are good reasons to come here. For one, Norcadia produces the best weaponry and armour of anyone on the island. The soldiers of the Norcadian Guard can be hired as mercenaries and are some of the best warriors there are.

The Order of Purity does not allow room for much individuality or difference. On entry to the district, everyone must sign a Contract of Uniformity, a promise to do exactly as the Order demands. Rumour is that those who show any sign of rebellion are dispensed mercilessly deep underground.