In the districts of Artemis: Nox Manchea

Two Point Zero
2 min readDec 2, 2022


Nox Manchea

At Nox, life is a constant war of all against all.

It is perhaps the most dangerous of the zones, and certainly, the most chaotic. Take a fancy to the hat the guy across the street is wearing? Just take it from him and kill him if he resists (unless you get killed first)!

There are only two ways to live in Nox. One is to be well armed. The other is to be very close to someone who is. Some of the best and most elaborate weapons can be found here. And pretty much any product you can think of is available too. But you will have to use violence, deception or bribery to get it. In many cases all three.

People from other zones flock to Nox to come to the Blood Dome — a stadium where audiences can watch warriors fight each other to the death.

Blood Dome

Nox is dominated by the Monks of Manchea. They are the among the most violent of the clans, though far less organised than the Casa Vor.

Monks of Manchea

They are just as likely to kill each other as anyone else. And any leader lasts only as long as they have enough weaponry and power to sustain them.