In the districts of Artemis: The Colonnade District

Two Point Zero
2 min readNov 30, 2022


The upscale Colonnade District is the commercial centre of Artemis Island.

Here the rich and powerful strut around accompanied by their bodyguards, while a wide variety of businesses vie for their custom.

But the Colonnade isn’t just about luxury. It’s also one of the island’s safer places for socialising and relaxing.

The district is famed for its costumed balls and cocktail parties. There is also Artemis Opera and Philharmonic Hall where the finer musical art forms are often available for the delectation of visitors and residents of the district.

In all, the Colonnades are a place where much entertainment can be had. Just don’t forget to bring enough DeerCoin (or find someone else who did).

The district is ruled by the Guild of Delight.

Though effectively one of the eight clans of Artemis, the Guild think themselves far too cultured (though others would say snobby) to call themselves anything as ordinary as a “clan”.

The Guild values order. As such they demand high standards of behaviour and etiquette. Through here as elsewhere on Artemis there are no formal laws, bad behaviour will get you politely but firmly denied entry to the delights the district has to offer.