Two Point Zero
3 min readOct 30, 2022


The Matriarch — The ruler and protector of the Island of Artemis, the Mother of deers and all men, the guardian of our freedom.

Fuck Mother. You hear me?! Hope she gets raped to death both by men and deer. Do you think a god let her be as she is?

Think twice Beastborn.

Don’t believe a single story about that lying bitch. Heir to Artemis? Bullshit! A God? What a joke.

I’ve seen critters with more Godhood than that whore. What do you even know of her origin? Nothing! Only what she lets you know. Goddamn fairy tales for a halfwit. I’m talking about you Beastborn. You are a halfwit.

You believe Artemis on her deathbed, after years of battles against gods, where she fought and bled for our sovereignty, named her successor a fucking nymph?

In what world does one fight for freedom to appoint a ruler? Let me share a pearl of small wisdom with you Beastborn — Any sole ruler of a so-called “free land” is bound to be a cunt.

Why do you think Artemis created this Island away from the far-gazing eyes of gods, but to give men reign over them fates?

She died for her dream but in the last second grants eternal life to a nymph and hands her all the power on the Island. I don’t buy that and you are a fool if you do.

No, I cannot prove things transpired otherwise, but that does not mean the truth has been lost in time.

I bet my eye you’ve never heard of Book of Bito.

Not many have, for it is the most dangerous book that ever was. The only knowledge of its existence puts you in mortal peril Beastborn.

But its content is what Mother fears, and if myths hold any truth at all, many lives have perished in mother’s quest of finding this book.

As I walk on this land I feel the stream of blood flowing under my feet, I hear whispers of screams in the wind begging for mercy. And I know there was no mercy. How could there be?

Look where we are now. Under the iron grip of the Matriarch and her twelve spoiled puppets.

Those whores are another mystery that the Book of Bito might shed a light on. But don’t dare to search for it; you will be killed like the rest who ever tried to find it.

I share the burden on my mind, yet you still think me full of shit.

Why, you think the prosperity of the Island makes Mother decent? You don’t you think a tyrant can make a kingdom grow?

Oh, you’re the naïve one as well. Here’s another piece of wisdom for a halfwit — tyranny will work, as long as you keep killing those who think that it won’t work.

Now piss off to your Mother Beastborn, I’ve said my piece.

The Temple of Sleep — A 18 + #metaverse world, where the Matriarch casts a distant eye over all the beastborne on the island from her monastery on Great Antler Mountain.