The Creeds of the Artemis World

Two Point Zero
3 min readNov 6, 2022

Clans are not the only loyalty people on Artemis have. There are also spiritual and philosophical beliefs. The main ones being:

The Cult of the Deer

The closest thing to an official religion for the whole island. They believe in the holiness of deer and worship the Matriarch as a Goddess. The Matriarch herself does not explicitly endorse the religion, but neither does she deny having divine nature. Adherents of this creed are everywhere but most notably in the Colonnades and at the Forum of Artemis.

The monastery on Great Antler Mountain


Concentrated mostly in Urnachia and the Singada Coast, Amorists believe that all in life is false apart from the power of love. Mostly artists, hippies and intellectuals, they believe all worlds — including the Artemis and the world corporeal — are illusions and love is the only objective power.

Temple of the flaming souls

The Church of Saturis

This church preaches that material wealth is a sign of divine blessing. The richer you are the more blessed and holy you are. Unsurprisingly, adherents are mostly from the Deer Port and Ludos zones. Though you can find Saturists in every zone.

The Way of the Pure

The “Pure” believe the world beyond the island is evil. In their belief system, all other worlds and dimensions are evil inventions. They are vicious about any being that displays less than perfect loyalty to Artemis Island. All residents of Norcadia must be members of the Way of the Pure, any dissent is punished by the Order of the Pure who run both the religion and the zone.

The Haemothals

Mostly followed by residents of Nox and the Passion District, the Haemothals believe that one becomes more powerful and holy by vanquishing those weaker than yourself. The most dangerous and violent residents of Artemis follow this creed.

There are no laws on Artemis. But there is power. And not just that of the Matriarch.