The Island of Artemis: A metaverse world waiting to be built, created and lived in.

Two Point Zero
4 min readSep 27, 2022


Greetings web3 story-loving degens.

I am Zuka, a screenwriter sucked into the web3 storytelling world. So far, I am having more fun than I could have imagined and I believe web3 is the future of stories.

Zuka Tsinstsabadze —Screenwriter & Digital Storyteller at Two Point Zero

First of all, how cool is writing a story for a video game? I honestly never thought I would ever get to do that, but here we are.

From the moment I heard about The Artemis Island and the infamous Matriarch, I’ve been wanting to know more about the world, and now I get to create it.

And the process is a blessing because of the team working on this project. Rarely do I get to brainstorm with a team who are genuinely passionate and is not afraid to dive deep into philosophy and human behavior to come up with the right stuff. That’s not the case on this project, since everyone here cares about the quality and as a writer, my goal is to deliver high-class work, a world that feels alive, and characters that are intriguing and honest.

The World of Artemis - Nothing is banned.
Nothing is illegal.
Freedom is absolute.
So are the consequences…

At this point, we have a great story arc figured out. We have some unique characters and some in development. We wrote a few awesome scenes and it is shaping up to be something truly great. When you have a world as dark and alive as the Island of Artemis, it brings out the possibility of actually going crazy in devising a plot. The twists come into the story naturally and not for the sake of just having them as we usually get to see in most movies and TV shows.

The Sacred Woods

The main challenge is to portray the island and its districts in the story accurately. It’s a video game world after all. The districts that you get to see in the story must feel the same when you play the game. They are diverse and unique and each has its own mood, and its own story to tell. And don’t get me started on Sisters, those twelve scheming conniving bitches. As awful as they are, I still love them, not that they have morality or decency left, but for the lack of it. They truly have become characters each with their unique story and secret desires. I am sure you will all enjoy seeing their journey as well. And the baddest of them characters is of course the Mother, the Matriarch, the heir of Artemis. Or is she?

If you are creating a fantasy world, it will be only as good as the lore it stands on. Like a foundation to a building, you may not see it, but rest assured it is there, or everything you are trying to build will collapse. I can proudly say that the lore we came up with for this world is epic. When you watch or read our story, you will get bits and pieces of the origin of Mother and Sisters, but you will not know whether it is true or not. Only if you are attentive enough will you be able to figure out what really happened all those ages ago. And I believe that the discoveries you’ll make will be satisfying, for it sure was coming up with them.

I can’t wait for you to see what we are working on. It is a dark world of human vices and questionable morals. And it’s been a pleasure coming up with all of it and there are still more things to figure out. A long time ago I gave myself a word not to write anything if I’m not having fun doing so, and writing Island of Artemis is the most fun I could have asked for. All thanks to the team.