The Island of Artemis: Marrying the cyberpunk futurism with the aesthetics of ancient Greece

Two Point Zero
7 min readNov 2, 2022

Artemis world is a role-playing extravaganza with a difference. This is no mere game, but real-time 3D content. A social space where voice interaction with other players and live actors is core to the experience.

The Island is divided into districts, each run by an individual clan.

The Colonnade District

The upscale Colonnade District is the commercial centre of Artemis Island. Here the rich and powerful strut around accompanied by their bodyguards, while a wide variety of businesses vie for their custom.

The Colonnade District

Unobtainium Supplier Power: High

Ruling Clan: The Guild of Delight | Discord:

The Guild of Delight

Deer Port

The area is an entry point for all the new arrivals on the Island, making it a hive of business and dealing. Every clan has their emissaries in the port trying to attract the eye of the newcomers. The backstreets are also a warren of activity and a good place to pick up cheap deals and information.

Unobtainium Supplier Power: High

Ruling Clan: The Clan of Kahana | Discord:

The Klan of Kahana

The Free District of Urnachia

If you’re looking for true freedom from top-down control, Urnachia is where you’ll find it. The locals here hate all authority and decide everything by consensus within their small communities or Urnaves. Urnaves are like villages but are often made up of people with common interests — such as the Urnave of Astronomers or the Urnave of Artists.

Urnachia is unlike other places on the island with similar free-wheeling principles, a mostly peaceful community.

Violence is very much frowned upon unless it is being used collectively against someone accused of oppressing the downtrodden.

The Free District of Urnachia

Unobtainium Supplier Power: Low

Ruling Clan: Council of Urnachia | Discord:

Council of Urnachia

Singada Coast

On the opposite side of the island to Deerport, this laidback part of the island is where people who aren’t interested in dealing with the hassles of the rest of Artemis go to relax and have fun. This part of the island is famous for its bungalow-lined beaches and nightly parties.

Singada Coast

Unobtainium Supplier Power: Low

Ruling Clan: The Conch Club | Discord:

The Conch Club

Passion District

As the name suggests, the down-at-heel Passion District is where denizens of Artemis go to succumb to temptations of the flesh. Also known as Droid Town after the androids that service the clientele’s seedy desires, the Passion District is rife with crime and intrigue. It has even fewer rules than the rest of Artemis, as the human and robotic purveyors of sensual delight compete to satisfy any whim or fantasy.

Passion DIstrict
Passion District

Unobtainium Supplier Power: High

Ruling Clan: Casa Vor | Discord:

Casa Vor

Nox Manchea

At Nox, life is a constant war of all against all. Take a fancy to the hat the guy across the street is wearing? Just take it from him and kill him if he resists (unless you get killed first)! There are only two ways to live in Nox. One is to be well armed. The other is to be very close to someone who is.

Some of the best and most elaborate weapons can be found here. And pretty much any product you can think of is available too. But you will have to use violence, deception or bribery to get it. In many cases all three.

Unobtainium Supplier Power: High

Ruling Clan: The Monks of Manchea | Discord:

The Monks of Manchea


They say that not a speck of dust in Norcadia settles without permission. The austere nature of the district puts many more casual and freedom-loving Artemis islanders off. But there are good reasons to come here. For one, Norcadia produces the best weaponry and armour of anyone on the island. The soldiers of the Norcadian Guard can be hired as mercenaries and are some of the best warriors there are.


Unobtainium Supplier Power: High

Ruling Clan: The Order of Purity | Discord:

The Order of Purity does not allow room for much individuality or difference. On entry to the district, everyone must sign a Contract of Uniformity, a promise to do exactly as the Order demands. Rumour is that those who show any sign of rebellion are mercilessly dispensed deep underground.


Ludos is a district with a strong competitive streak. It is also a gambling hotspot with myriad casinos and arenas for competitions. And the sports bars are packed with people watching games from every dimension — including that of Earth.


Unobtainium Supplier Power: Medium

Ruling Clan: The Clan of Efkaria | Discord:

Easy to do business with and with a lower propensity to violence than some of the other clans, the Clan of Efkaria is concerned mostly with making sure everyone is having a good time and spending money. Though they will not hesitate to defend their own interests if they are called upon to do so.

These clans were born of divisions amongst the first people on the island.

Each has its traditions, culture and leaders. Any interaction with them must be carefully pondered. Joining a clan means working your way up inside the seedy underworld to win power and influence. Playing a respectful role in the drama, becoming part of the narrative, participating, initiating, helping or hindering the Matriarch’s plans or trying to solve the mystery of who the secretive Mother of Deers and her servants — the supernatural Sisters of Artemis — really are.

Ruler and protector of the Island, the Mother of deers and all men, the guardian of freedom.

The Sacred Woods

Populated exclusively by deer, the woods are the barrier between the hustle and bustle of Artemis and the monastery where the Matriarch resides. Few are allowed to enter this area, though it has been known to happen on extremely rare occasions. There are rumours that there is a lot more than just trees and deer in this closed space. But for now, the sacred woods remain mostly a mystery.

The Forum of Artemis

While the other zones of the Artemis Island are dominated by clans, the Forum and the immediate area surrounding it is a safe space where negotiations and discussions can take place. Protected by the power of the Matriarch and the Sisters, it is impossible to die here (unless that is the will of the Matriarch) meaning it is a favoured spot for people to solve differences safe in the knowledge they will not be knifed in the back.

Artemis — A World Waiting to be Explored

The Island of Artemis is the world where everything plays out and whichever role the visitors choose, they are guaranteed an experience that will force them to come back for more.

You can relax and party on the beaches of the Singada Coast or make yourself a name of a business tycoon. You can become a trader in the bustling alleys around Deerport or role playan unsuspecting pawn who has to find a way to survive the future that awaits.

The Devil, they say, is in the details and the Island of Artemis, its functioning and scenery is full of devilish details. Everything connects, intertwines, with each element coming to and from itself, creating a weave of depth and beauty that will astound and excite all those worthy of visiting this glorious world. - is a metaverse world waiting to be built, created and lived in.

But there is Just one rule.

One iron law that cannot be broken…

Do not anger the Matriarch!