The Passion District of The Island of Artemis

Two Point Zero
2 min readNov 26, 2022


The down-at-heel Passion District

As the name suggests, the down-at-heel Passion District is where denizens of Artemis go to succumb to temptations of the flesh.

The Temple of Love

Also known as Droid Town after the androids that service the clientele’s seedy desires, the Passion District is rife with crime and intrigue.

It has even fewer rules than the rest of Artemis, as the human and robotic purveyors of sensual delight compete to satisfy any whim or fantasy.

Crowdy streets of The Passion District

The Passion District is dominated by the Casa Vor, the most merciless and immoral of the clans. They think nothing of dismembering those who cross them in the most gruesome manner.

Casa Vor

For this reason, doing business in the Passion District is expensive and dangerous. But the rewards can also be enormous if you become one of the few to be trusted by the Casa Vor.