The tales of Artemis: Prologue

Two Point Zero
3 min readOct 22, 2022


Hear me Beastborn,

Thou must not take the freedom bestowed upon you for granted, as the Gods had to die for you to live and prosper on the Island of Artemis. It’s upon you, to find your true path in the land of unlimited possibilities.

The Forum of Artemis

Fear not to unleash the beast within you, for the Matriarch welcomes all the wicked!

Praise our ruler and protector of the Island, the Mother of deers and all men, the guardian of our freedom.

The Matriarch — Sometimes called the Mother of Deers, the true heir of Goddess Artemis — creator of this Island

Simmer down Beastborn and speak what you desire, for in the many districts of the Island, may you find what you seek to your heart’s content. Unobtainium is what you wish, or it’s carnal pleasures that you seek. Maybe just a titbit of violence to calm your flaming soul? Or do you want it all?

Ludos — A gambling hotspot with myriad casinos and arenas for competitions.
Singada Coast — This part of the island is famous for its bungalow-lined beaches and nightly parties.

Oh, I see. It’s the mystery that you want to unravel. My guidance shall be you set your inquisitiveness aside, for mother told us all the truth of how things come to being.

Yet times are dark Beastborn, bloodshed is imminent, the Sisters have woken up too soon. This is unheard of since the dawn of the Godless Age. The battle for power is impending.

So, venture forth and make thyself a name, an enterprise, an empire within an empire. In a world where everything is permitted, the only impediment to become next to god is thy lack of grit to take what you desire.

The upscale Colonnade District is the commercial centre of Artemis Island.

But be weary Beastborn, for whatever you choose to do, do not anger the Matriarch! Or may you find yourself in perils worse than death. — A 18+ metaverse world where nothing is banned, nothing is illegal, freedom is absolute, so are the consequences.